Making Cupcake Toppers

Recommended Supplies

  • 2-inch craft punch (we recommend this one from EK Tools)
  • A pair of scissors or paper trimmer will allow you to cut the borders from the printout to allow cutting the toppers with the craft punch.
  • Paper: Use card stock for best results. Sticker paper works too.
  • Lollipop sticks for attaching the cupcake toppers.


1. Download

Download the PDF file for the cupcake toppers. Open the file in a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.

2. Print

Print the cupcake topper. Make sure you remove printer margins in your printer settings before printing so the printout is sized correctly. This setting is labeled "Actual Size" in Adobe Reader. Other programs may call this setting "No Margins" or something similar.

Printer Settings

3. Cut Out

Use scissors or a paper trimmer to cut the border around the cupcake toppers. Cut each column into a separate strip. This will allow your craft punch to reach the cupcake toppers. Use a 2 inch craft punch to cut out each cupcake topper. Position craft punch precisely to avoid white edges.

4. Add a Stick

Put a small amount of glue on the end of a lollipop stick (1/2 inch or so). Attach topper to lollipop stick and place face down on a flat surface to dry. If you want two-sided toppers, repeat the same process for the other side of the stick once the first side dries.

5. Add to Cupcakes

Insert toppers into cupcakes.


  • Use card stock - regular printer paper makes it harder to get a clean cut with a craft punch.
  • Allow ink to dry before using the craft punch. Wet ink may affect your ability to get a clean cut.
  • Make it easier to reach each topper with your craft punch by cutting off edges of paper and then cutting each column into a separate strip.
  • Lightly press the craft punch to help hold the paper in place as you try to position it. Release it enough to move the paper if you need to reposition. This will help you get a more precise cut. Be careful to not press to hard or you will cut through the paper before you are ready. Please note that this works with the EK Tools craft punch recommended above. It may not work with all craft punches.
  • If the cupcake toppers are too small for your 2 inch craft punch, make sure you are disabling margins in your printer settings. This will allow the toppers to print at the correct size.